I Love Soca the pandemic edition!

I love soca was the first large event since the opening of the entertainment sector, which has been closed for about 14 months locally. All eyes were focused on this event to serve as an early example of how pandemic fetting could safely happen.

The promoters, along with several government entities came up with a plan I think worked to allow both a fun and relatively safe event.

I am lucky enough to be vaccinated, so I took advantage of this and bought a vaccinated only ticket allowing me access to an exclusive VIP vaccinated section. Access was quick and easy, after showing proof of vaccination and picture ID along with your ticket.

I really loved the concept of a vaccinated section. It gave me a sense of peace of mind to know that all the people around me were vaccinated and safe. Personally, this peace of mind is worth quite a lot to me and I would pay extra to go to events that have a vaccinated section.

Personally, I also think vaccinated only parties are the most effective way of making sure events don’t cause surges in cases of corona!

Vaccinated people!

The vibe in the party was almost surreal, as if the pandemic had never happened. There were some changes however, as the party was much more spread out than the usually packed event.

Platforms and barriers were spread throughout the event allowing people to separate from each other if they wished. It was all up to the individual how strictly they adhered to the protocols.

Once the sun set the vibes took off and it was business as usual with the front of the stage being where all the action was.

In the end the first post Covid I Love Soca event was more spacious more comfortable and just as vibzey as the usual event. The earlier end time was also a welcome plus on my part as I was able to wake up early and go to the gym and workout without that matched up feeling you can get after late night of fetting.

I think the event showed us that post-covid partying safely IS possible and with a few tweaks can be even better! Let’s hope these measures plus our vaccination program are enough to prevent a rise in numbers.

I’m slowly getting back into my picture taking groove. Take a look at some of the action below!

Are you ready to fete?

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