I Love Soca, Jamaica, Sept 2014

It’s been a few months since the last soca party here in Jamaica. Fortunately there is now a new found wealth of soca parties and we didn’t have to wait too long for the soca season to begin again.
When I first moved back to Jamaica there was carnival in April then next time you heard soca was October!


I love soca was well anticipated and the crowd came prepared. Coolers of all sizes and descriptions packed the venue.
The winner of best cooler had to go to down to fête (DTF) with their custom made and branded super cooler.
The music was on point for most of the night with DJs smoke, Richie Ras and J-Lava.
The vibes were best at the front and got going after midnight and the party kept pumping till the police locked it down.
Even after the music stopped, the crowd was still singing. A sign of a good party.

The upcoming months look bright for us here in Jamaica.
Heroes weekend, hard wine, Down To Fête and Soca vs Dancehall are some of the upcoming events I’m looking forward to before this year is out.


Keep checking our calendar to see what is happening where!