I Love Soca December 2012 rumours


The weekend is gone and Carnival Rewine and Tailwind have come and gone.  I will put together brief reviews of each  in the coming days for those of you in Jamaica who missed it or who want to know more about these events.  The last two fetes for December have achieved the coveted “Lehwego Recommended” status so many parties aspire to and few achieve.  Talking to the promoters over the weekend I was able to gather some interesting news.  I Love Soca will be bringing an artist in from Trinidad for our entertainment.  I won’t call any name!

As far as I know the T’s are being crossed and the i’s are being dotted and we should be seeing a live performance on Boxing day.

This is another stepping stone for Andrew Bellamy and the I Love Soca franchise.  As I have said many times, the future of soca fetes looks bright in Jamaica’s immediate future

And hopefully in a few years, bright young minds like Bellamy will inject new life and ideas into Jamaica Carnival.  Lets see.

Stay tuned for  news next weekend regarding Bachannal Jamaica’s band launch and fete. Hopefully Ideas I have advocated such as frontline costumes and backline costumes with more than three (3!) feathers will be in order.

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