I Love Soca 2013 review

The Wednesday of carnival week heralds the holding of “I love soca”. This fete is now a staple in the Jamaican soca fete calendar and has grown from strength to strength in the last few years. The fete is a cooler fete and as such was affordable costing about 20usd which is a bargain for a fete of this calibre.

The venue filled up by 10pm and the fete was in full swing thereafter.
This year the vibes crew took station on the dance floor, however we did notice a large contingent of “watchers”. People who came apparently to watch others have fun.
Despite the less than 100% participation the vibes were sweet, the crowd looked good and the music was top notch courtesy of Dei Musicale, Selector Myles and DJ Ritchie RAS.

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Standing in the fete I realized how far Jamaica carnival had come. A few years ago we barely had enough fetes to rub together but now we have at least one fete a night from Wednesday on and I hear things will quickly get better. But that is a story I will bring to you in another post.

Keep your eyes glued to the blog as the fete reviews for the season roll in. Lots of great photos and videos are coming


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