I Love Soca 2012 review


The lehwego team reached the venue pretty early wednesday night in order to properly scope out the new venue for “I Love Soca”, the first of the major fetes in the week leading up to Jamaica carnival road march.

It was my first visit to this venue and I think that its a winner.  Spacious with a cool tropical breeze drifting over you.

We pulled up to the bar and took a look at the variety of drinks on offer.  I am not a drinker.  A Smirnoff ice is enough to get my party started.  Your trusty reporter ManLi decided on this night to try something called Patron.  Apparently its supposed to be served in a tiny shot glass.  This I did not know, and apparently the bar staff did not know this either as I was given an entire cup full of the stuff.  It had a nice coffee taste and so I made quick work of most of it.

Needless to say the lehwego team had to depend heavily on ThinkAkil for memories of the event after that cup.
I do have vague memories of behaving badly, being the meat in a girl sandwich, meeting Red Lion and a few other bloggers and drinking even more patron.

Needless to say this party was off the chain.  The music was on  point with Dei Musicale from Trinidad (they played at AMBUSH Jouvert) as well as DJ Smoke, one of our best local soca selectors.  The vibes were good with most patrons tekking a wine and the patron was flowing (too much).

Here Are some photos from the event.

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here are some more photos from facebook


Do you love soca?

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