Got Soca with a splash of Dancehall?

Today I was presented with a gift. Which I’ll gladly share with you. Soca vs Dancehall is one of the new soca based fetes coming for this year’s carnival season. They will be bringing the soca vibes with just a pinch of appropriate dancehall next Saturday, March 24th, at Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica. They’re promising a lineup of TOP SHELF liquors including:

3 Flavours of Grey Goose
3 Flavours of Absolut
2 Flavours of Patron
2 Flavours of Bailey’s (Who knew there was MINT Bailey’s?!)
Johnnie Walker DOUBLE Black (and Black)
Appleton VX (and Special if that’s your thing)
Overproof Rum

and a bunch of other stuff.

All that, and they’ve somehow managed to keep the price pretty low, charging $2000 for ladies and $3000 for guys! Tickets are presold only and very limited, so check their Facebook page, email: [email protected], call 405.3645 or visit Gymkhana or Fashion 911 for Tickets.

Stay tuned for the comprehensive LehWeGo Jamaica carnival fete list which should be out by Monday at the latest.

Till then here a small gift from the Sosa vs Dancehall Team.
(Check their Youtube channel for tons more music!)

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