Got boots? UPGRADE!!!

Ok its a little under a month to go before Jamaica carnival.  You have your costume and hopefully you have taken steps to upgrade it to stand out from the crowd.

You have also gotten yourself a set of nice boots to complement your costume.  In the past, merely having a pair of boots was more than enough to set you apart. THANKFULLY, things are changing in Jamaica and now I estimate around 50% of female revellers wear boots.  So, if you want to stand out, UPGRADE!

Email [email protected] for more information on the process of getting boots that make other girls want to dash theirs away:)



Here are the costs  (in US dollars):

$85 + shipping for sneakers and booties.

$110 + shipping for mid-calf boots.

$130 + shipping for thigh high.

$150 + shipping for over the knee boots.

Here are some Samples from the decorators previous work.  They are reputable and have been in the decorating business for quite a while.

Don’t worry about colours.  They will match your costume and work with any requests you have in terms of style.

Orders close on April 1st so HURRY!!!!


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