Get these Violent Lips (and many more) for Jamaica Carnival.

Jamaica is a hotbed of fashion.  Let me clarify that. A hotbed for unique and sometimes over the top fashion.  Some of it should stay under the bed (men in skintight capri’s) but sometimes it takes off to become mainstream and worldwide!

Well I hope that this idea, which has been around in the USA for a while, takes off here in Jamaica as a part of carnival prep for the ladies:)

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos.

This product basically takes your lips from “just normal” to supercharged in just minutes.
They are apparently very easy to apply (make sure to read the instructions and watch the video at the end of this post).
They have the advantage of you being able to EAT, DRINK, RUB (and yes, matie) even KISS without any disruption of the tattoo and without leaving lipstick all over the place (like on the man being “borrowed”).
I know nothing about lipstick, but I do know that this stuff makes the ladies look even better and will definitely make an impact on the road.
As a Jamaican blogger, it would warm my heart if Jamaica was the focal point for this to “Bus” as a carnival staple.
To this end, I’m going to give you all the information you need–>

Make this happen!

You can pick up your Violent Lips at Cherries Hair and More, 1 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, or contact Ryan Chen at 574-1871.

Take a look at the Jamaica Gleaner article and the Violent Lips website.


Thanks to Mike Jones, Violent lips (FB page) and Ryan Chen for the amazing photos



 Will you rock Violent Lips on the road for Jamaica Carnival??

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