FINALLY! MUSIC for Carnival in Jamaica is here


It’s been a pet project of mine for years to bring forth the last needed aspect to make carnival in Jamaica truly great. I couldn’t do it myself but I’ve put everything I could into bringing the needed talent together and encouraging them to do their thing.

For every carnival I attend, an important part of the preparation process is listening out for the soca from that country to roll out. The soca from each country gives that carnival it’s unique flair, vibe and appeal.

Jamaica is an iconic island in terms of our musical heritage and pedigree. Our music has influenced hip hip, soca, RnB and many other genres and so I think it’s LONG overdue that we start the process of making music for our own carnival. Once it has that happy vibe it can sound any way it wants and be called any name. It will be our music for our carnival

In the past we have latched on to whatever happy sounding song has been out at the time but THIS YEAR music is being purpose built just for carnival in Jamaica. AT LAST!!

With this start I’m hoping that the musical powers that be locally will finally see the light and come on board as well to increase the volume and diversity of the offerings.

Embrace and support this movement as it will only make carnival bigger and better here.

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Listen to the BIKE RIDE RIDDIM here

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