Corona update for Jamaica June 15th

Note: active cases are 40% less than indicated above. Many have fully recovered.

So, as we look forward to October we have to keep a close eye on the state of Corona in Jamaica. Currently it can be easily argued that corona is under control locally and the success of carnival in October requires this to continue.

Data from (June 14th). As a comparison, USA has 1case/154 persons and 1 death/2800 perons

The government here has implemented several measures to both keep coronavirus transmission low as well as to open up tourism and travel which are VITAL to Jamaica’s economy.

We are already in the first phase where Jamaicans are allowed to return in a controlled manner. All returning residents have to apply to the government and be approved and also be subjected to quarantine for 2 weeks and in some cases testing.

Starting tomorrow tourists will be allowed to arrive in Jamaica and the plan is to separate them from the general population using a “resilient corridor” where all who are involved in their transport and care are trained and equipped to help prevent spread for the inevitable positive presymptomatic persons who arrive.

All tourists will be tested for covid (in the initial 2 weeks of this plan at least) and will also be required to have insurance to pay for their speedy repatriation if they do test positive.

So as it stands prepare to be tested on arrival in Jamaica for carnival. A small price to pay if it means keeping a country a little safer.

If we all work together, with sound, science based plans, a glorious carnival shall be our reward!!

Leggo de mas!

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