Come to Heroes weekend Jamaica 2019!

Monday, October 21st, 2019 marks national heroes day in Jamaica where we reflect on the sacrifices and accomplishments of our national heroes. But for the 3 days before that…we fete!

The long weekend before national heroes day, known as heroes weekend, is a traditional party weekend out of town in the resort city of Ocho Rios. It is an epic party centric weekend in a part of Jamaica purpose made for beautiful sights and activities and having the time of your life.


Coming in on Friday (Oct 18th) and leaving on Monday will allow you to take part in just about all the weekend activities. Feel free to come in a little earlier or leave a bit later to take in some of the non fete tourist activities .

Where to land

Ocho Rios lies approximately 1.5 hours north of Kingston’s Norman Manley international airport and about the same travel time from Montego Bays Sangster international airport. Note that traffic in either city can make these times MUCH longer if you travel in rush hour.

How to get there

Car rental and using Waze is an easy way to find your way, especially if you are used to Caribbean driving. Another relatively easy and affordable way around is knutsford express, with a short taxi ride from the bus to your hotel. Chartered taxis to and from Ocho Rios will cost at least 100usd each way. You can contact JUTA tours as well if your other transport options fall through and your pocket is deep enough

Where to stay

Hermosa Cove

Being a tourist town, there are a plethora of places to stay in Ocho Rios. From affordable airbnbs to luxury private boutique villas…it’s all in Ocho Rios. Here are a few of my favourite places to stay

Hermosa cove

Jewel Ocho Rios


Mystic ridge

Moxons beach club

These are just a few options that I personally know. A quick search will show you over 100 different options for you to stay at.

Where to fete

The weekend has gone from just a few Frenchmen fetes to a full on party weekend in the last few years. Take a look below at some of your party options.



Festival of floats



Take a look at this old post for some things to do around Ocho Rios!

Look out for my personal fete list coming soon and feel free to message me on IG or Twitter if you need more info!


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