Carnival info for local Jamaican carnival newbies: part 2


So as a man I have found that a great costume can go a long way to making you look and feel great on the road, but it can only take you so far. For men looking their best to compliment that costume is always in style. From well before, take steps to get in shape and bring your A game on the road. It’s not critical as you will have fun no matter what body you bring, but if you feel within yourself that you have chiseled a great body through hard work for carnival it gives you added confidence. That confidence shows on the road. You won’t be in a corner out of the way hoping to stay out of the limelight….you will feel comfortable and in place in the middle of the limelight, like that is where you belong! That feeling of confidence and extroversion is one of the powerful feelings carnival brings that makes it so addictive to many.

Closer to the time you also need to work on the small details that seem insignificant, but that the human brain picks up to separate good from great.

Firstly, whiten your teeth. A bright white smile looks amazing and sets you apart from the crowd. After editing tens of thousands of carnival pics lemmi tell you….it matters. I suggest CREST WHITE STRIPS. They are cheaper alternatives but they don’t work as well. If you have the money let your dentist to it for you.

Next, when it’s almost time. SHAVE your chest,belly and if you grow hair there, your back….hell, shave those hairy legs too! From my time on the national JABBFA stage it was obvious that a glossy smooth hairless body looks best and yes it’s not a big deal but why be ordinary?? Its carnival!!

Experiment with different products and ensure that no matter how hard you sweat that you dont smell bad on the road.



OK so i’m no expert but I can help you with the basics of what you need to do to knock em dead on the road.

Lets start at the feet and work your way up.

Carnival boots are a great way to go and MY PERSONAL preference is for thigh or knee high boots with small wedge heels. They just look better. I have also been reliably informed that they are comfortable if you buy gel insoles. If you get boots with high heels or high wedges over 4 inches high, God go with you.

Next up for the ladies is another carnival essential….stockings. A good carnival stocking will cover any imperfections (these costumes hide nothing) and also protect you from scratches and dirt and grime from all the shenanigans on the road.The best choices involve stockings that match your skin or have special features like sparkling fishnets etc. specializes in these. A simple youtube search will show you how to attach them neatly to your costume panty for that seamless frontline queen look.




Make sure you order the correct size and type of bra. Wire bras do NOT fit like a Victoria secret bra and I have personally seen persons order a D cup and in reality they fit a B cup wire bra. Best thing is to goto the showroom and ask to see, hold and examine the bra you want to see if it’s right for you. Some designs offer less support and breasts may ooze through the gaps in the bra….do your checks!It’s always best to have professional makeup done for the paparazzi 🙂

This last tip is for male and female alike. SUNBLOCK Buy a sport spf50 sunblock resistant to wiping or sweating.Apply all over but also remember to apply to your: 
-Head top (balding men like me especially),
-Neck back.
I hope that I have given you a basic idea of what to expect and how to prepare.

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