Carnival in Jamaica with Xaymaca International.

On April 23, Xaymaca International took to the road for the first time ever.

I am proud to be part of something new and to play even a small part in shaping the future of carnival in Jamaica.  From our years having a ball with Bacchanal Jamaica to now producing our own experience I stand by my words that Carnival in Jamaica is going to become one of the hottest carnival destinations anywhere in the world….and sooner than you think.

Bringing you a unique and Jamaican experience was our pleasure and something we plan on doing in a bigger and better way next year.  From a seamless registration process, efficient distribution process, Amazing Lunch experience and a comfortable and enjoyable road experience, we are here to make your carnival INCREDIBLE.

Make sure that next year you Jump with the one, the only, XAYMACA INTERNATIONAL