Carnival in Jamaica punching above its weight!

I’m back home after another fantastic cropover season.  Barbados was once again an intense, wild and enjoyable time.



For me this year, the FETES were particularly amazing.

BLISS stands out for particular mention and the review will be coming soon.

The Road

The crop over experience ended with Kadooment day. A day of Vibes, Beautiful women, Amazing music and the usual carnival day euphoria.
The issues I have with kadooment seem to be ingrained into the event and dictated by the government.

As a veteran masquerader, none of these issues was a deal breaker but they all in their own way detracted from the overall experience.


Trinidad, the MECCA of all carnival goers, also had its (relatively minor) issues.  Tuesday tends to be crowded in the big bands and the stage……the stage…..sigh (he who has waited in silence and thirst in the hot sun to cross it knows it!)

This got me thinking….of all the carnivals I have been to this year…

Where did Jamaica place?

Now I am OBVIOUSLY biased….I’m not even gonna pretend otherwise, but when I think about it…..Carnival in Jamaica this year had a fantastic road experience.

-This year 3 of the 4 bands on the road brought fantastic all inclusive experiences.  
-We have a reasonable start time allowing ladies to do hair and makeup at more humane times:)
-Our roads were wide and spacious, never crammed or packed so your costume was never squashed by the crowd.
-There were many amazing costumes to choose from. 
-We have a multitude of photographers who photograph EVERYONE!  
-After Parties with food and liquor available..
-Our road experience was also reasonably priced!

The lunch experience in the last few years has morphed into a luxurious experience with each band looking to pamper their masqueraders into submission.

While we haven’t gotten it absolutely perfect, I’m proud to say that Jamaica is up there with all the big boys when it comes to the road experience and so far for this year my BEST experience has been right here at home.

I’m sure that many who read this will be up in arms,  some with disagree, some will agree.  I invite you all to come to Jamaica for APRIL 8th, 2018 and judge for yourself.