Carnival In Jamaica 2015! Bacchanal Sneak Peeks!

 Welcome to 2015!

This year Bacchanal Jamaica welcomes 4 new sections into the fray, including LehwegoSleek!

With only a few days to go Sneak peeks have been dropping like crazy.  Here are a few, starting with a new one for LehwegoSleek.


 The Jamaican soca season looks to be better than ever with the evolution of the Jamaican carnival experience occurring at  a dizzying pace.  Carnival here is becoming a force to be reckoned with internationally.

With the inclusion of new sections comes an infusion of new ideas from different groups that all have the same goal.  Making Jamaica Carnival even better than it is….and its already a BLAST!  We can all look forward to new sights on the road and experiences.


Take a look at sneak peeks from other sections below…..




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