Carnival Conversions!

The blog is supposed to be from a mans point of view..but years ago I learned that a mans point of view better include some input from a womans point of view if he knows whats best.  
With that being said here is a contribution from a recent carnival convert!


I have a list….A bucket list of sorts… Well not quite a bucket list… but it’s a list of things to do before I’m 30. Jumping in Carnival somehow got on the list. I have no idea how. I never liked Soca…I mean I wasn’t averse to it…it’s music…and I happen to like most genres…but Soca just wasn’t my cup of tea. Usually when I go to parties, I use the Soca segment as my bathroom break or the time to refill my drink… But then this year…Soca music hit me like a bolt of lightning…and my life hasn’t been the same since…  Here’s the story of how I became Soca’s newest addict…I mean…fan… J

My BFF’s husband is a soca junkie… As soon as he hears the steel pans knocking…he starts jumping. We could never understand the fascination.  Every year we laughed as he experienced   PTCSS…lol- the Post Traumatic Carnival Stress Syndrome associated with the end of the carnival period. Seriously??!!  Soca couldn’t possibly be THAT much fun! He has always been nagging us to jump in Carnival. So this year…with heavy hearts, we decided to indulge in Jamaica Carnival. I never knew any Soca songs…I barely even know who Machel Montano is…this wasn’t going to be much fun…or so I thought…

 The night before road march I went to what I was told is the ultimate Soca fete in Jamaica- Bazodee. They were right! From the second I entered the venue, my foot started twitching… my head started bobbing…WTH?! Within half an hour…my hands were in the air and I was wukkin up a storm… How the hell did that happen?! The biggest surprise of all was that I was actually singing all the songs… I never realized I knew Soca songs… Apparently while I was busy  “not liking” Soca, I was actually absorbing the music.  Through osmosis, it was permeating into my system. Anyway…after taking “Advantage” of Bazodee… It was time for road march. The plan was to go home and get some rest, but I just could not sleep! The music was still ringing in my ears and I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up so that the real fun would begin.

Bold carnival makeup?! Check! Super sexy costume?! Check! Sun-screen?! Check! Cellphone in Zip Lock bag?! Check! We’re Ready!!!

After what seemed like forever…we finally hit the streets. It’s hard to articulate the emotions that effervesced. The burst of colour from the different costumes and pulsating music coming from the many trucks, hit me hard and left everything in a blur. Immediately, all inhibitions were released and I had absolutely no cares in the world. I felt free… Not even the rain dampened my spirit.  It was amazing to see how people connected on the road, and not in the sexually depraved way I grew up hearing my parents talk about…It was simply…fun!

And so…a good time was had by all.

I’m now proud to say that I am a Soca addict…I mean fan! No! I mean addict! I listen to Soca music every morning while I get ready for work and all ringtones are all Soca songs. I’m now suffering from PTCSS. I’m waiting…not so patiently… for Trinidad Carnival 2012…


Well there u have it. Straight from the converts mouth (keyboard).

We can rest assured if she enjoyed Jamiaca carnival that much she will go MAD when she touches the streets of Trinidad!


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