Beach J’ouvert Jamaica 2012

It was with slight trepidation that the Lehwego team  made the decision to attend Beach J’ouvert.  Our last outing there was good but not stellar by any means,  not like the days of old.   This year we were going with “Soca Republic” and were assured of a much more intersting time.  The bus trip was quite nice as detailed in this post and we reached to the venue early but ready to party.

The venue was its usual bright spacious colourful self and for the first few hours it seemed like everyone coming into the venue was wearing a Soca Republic T-shirt.  The venue filled up quickly and  vibes, liquor and wine flowed freely.  Unlike last year the organizers managed to keep most of the underaged patrons out and getting Machel Montano to perform went a long way as well.  The copious party favours added vibes and colour and the large and numerous bars meant that you didn’t have to wait long for drinks at any time.  This is EASILY Bacchanal Jamaica’s best event apart from the road.

I had a great time partying with friends and strangers alike.  If I closed my eyes and tried really hard I could almost  imagine I was back in Trinidad:)

Overall, this years Beach J’ouvert is one of the best in years and we will definitely make the trip back next year ESPECIALLY if Soca Republic is there!

We are still working on our own video of the event…Till then check out local TV coverage of the event in the video above.  We will post our video on the Lehwego Facebook page when its ready:)

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