Bazodee 2012

Many of you who have been following me on this blog have heard me go on and on about this fete, Bazodee.

I’m sure you are all expecting rave reviews and stories of angels descending from heaven etc.  Well do I have a surprise for you.

This year there was a bit more rain than usual and even at the usual start time drizzle was still falling outside.  This delayed our departure a bit but eventually the rain stopped and we headed out to the upscale Cherry Gardens community to have our usual great time at our favourite Jamaican fete.

First things first.

Despite a most valiant effort from the organizers the food court was waterlogged.   The walkways simply couldn’t compete with the mud despite the cleaning staff constantly mopping them.  We must still give thanks that  the organizers had cleaning staff there.  Without them it would have been an absolute disaster.

The food on the other hand was the usual schmorgasbord of delicacies that never fails to disappoint. After filling our bellies with food (and some delicious Haagen-daz ice cream) we headed out to the dance floor.

The dance floor and main “liming” area infront of the main bar were paved and so, thankfully, there was no mud to contend with.  I have to say that this year the setup for Bazodee was the best I have ever seen.  The dance floor and DJ booth (actually more like a castle) were quite impressive.  This year there were many more party favors and the bars were fully stocked with effecient bar staff as usual.

This year Dj Private Ryan, Dutchess Alicia and Dj Smoke provided the music.  They did a great job and there can be no complaints about the music that night.

So what was the problem you ask?

The problem was ….Vibes.

It cannot be quantified.  You cannot force patrons to have it.  It comes and goes from a party at will.

The problem this year with Bazodee was that while drinks were aplenty, a top notch venue was set up, the best soca DJ’s were belting out tunes, beautiful people were everywhere….there were no vibes!

I was very distressed.  All the same I did my best to have a good time and I got a few photos and made a short video for you to get a feel for the event.

Despite this review I have had too many good years at Bazodee to let this one less than stellar experience change my opinion of this fete.  NEXT YEAR…..LEHWEGO WILL RETURN!


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For mor photos click HERE


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