Back outside with Xaymaca Summa Flames!

After more than a year of staying inside, observing all protocols, avoiding covid at work and 2 vaccination jabs later I finally ventured back outside. It was a surreal experience for sure. Things definitely were not the same with temperature checks, hand sanitizer, masks and small crowd size as per regulations all fully in effect, but you know what, we have been doing those things for so long I didnt even notice them.

What I did notice was the vibe of being in a crowd of people all enjoying the same soca music. Seeing people drinking rum and getting on bad made me smile. The electric feeling of a soca fete is still unmatched!

Not going to lie, it’s still a little nerve wracking, but it’s a start.

If you are fully vaccinated, grab your fully vaccinated crew and head out to House of Flames next friday and have a time….just like in the “good old days”

Come and bun up road with….SUMMA FLAMES

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