ASH Jouvert Jamaica

After a good social media campaign, Ash jouvert caught the attention of many in the soca scene locally. As a new Jamaican event, they had to go the extra mile to get people’s attention unlike some of the huge foreign parties that come in with ready made sales.

The venue was perfect for the event albeit somewhat simple, but for this kind of event no bells and whistles are needed really. Music was located on a mobile music truck. There were ample bars and I liked that the event had drinks inclusive and paid drinks options to cater to different price points.

The vibes started pretty quickly and once the ash came out it got pretty wild. The ash isn’t irritative at all and caused no big problems in terms of breathing. It also washes out relatively easily.

After a few hours in the fete the music and all the dutty patrons went for a short stint on the road behind the music truck. It was only a short distance but a nice touch.

The party was a great first outing for the ASH jouvert family and we are expecting bigger and better from them on the road next year.

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