A Covid Carnival? Safety tips

So there are two important questions to answer regarding carnival in Jamaica if it actually does happen in October.

Is a large outdoor festival safe?

How can I protect myself?

I’m going to try my best to give you answers based on cold hard facts, and also give you the references to back those facts up to take a step above so much other “they say…” misinformation you may find out on the internet.

First. Is it actually safe to goto a large outdoor festival?

The science on this is evolving as we learn more and more about the epidemiology of corona. For sure, enclosed indoor events without masks are risky but so far the data seems to be pointing towards an answer that outdoor events may not be risky at all, ESPECIALLY if we all take sensible precautions.

Here is the full journal article.

How do I protect myself?

Now this doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. the science may be on our side but it’s still essential we help ourselves by still wearing masks, not touching eyes, nose or mouth and frequently sanitizing our hands.

Cloth masks prevent us from exhaling virus filled droplets onto others when we sing, shout, talk or even breathe through our mouths (and, to a lesser degree, noses). The masks don’t stop inhalation of virus as well so it’s imperative that everyone around you wears theirs to protect you and you do the same for them.

See fact checking here: https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-coronavirus-mask-efficacy-idUSKCN2252T6

N95 masks will protect you more effectively from inhaling (or exhaling) viral particles but you need to have it fitted to your face properly and it’s harder to breathe through them raising the chances you will simply remove it for a large part of the day.

Other suggestions:

No front to front wine only front to bamsie. Girl in front bend over to increase social distancing:)

If someone comes for a wine with no facemask, kick them in their chest!

Enjoy the first carnival in ages on our spacious Jamaican roads!!!

Will you do carnival in October?

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