This weeks fitness tips for beginners

Hello all.
Today I lost yet another battle to  a bag of chips.  This has inspired me to create this post.  I hope you guys have all started the Lehwego workout plan. There are just under 300 days to go to carnival 2013 and you have enough time to totally transform your body (if thats whats needed).  You just need to start from now.

I realize that many of you will be starting from scratch.  As such I have a couple youtube videos to help you get started, even if it means from the comfort of your own home.
I have a video from Fit for Fete with Elle (one of my fans) which outlines a few simple home based exercises as well as a couple videos more geared at beginners in a gym environment.

Take a look and get cracking.

If you are more advanced, don’t worry.  I have tips coming soon for you too.

Home based beginners workout by Fit for Fete with Elle


Gym workout for beginners (upper body)


Gym workout for beginners (lower body)


And don’t forget HIIT for real fat loss!


Get fit for fete!

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