Making your fitness goals for trinidad carnival 2014

We have one long ass year to go before Trinidad carnival. We here at lehwego simply live from one carnival to the next and I suspect a few of you readers do too. Well, while we have a few stops scheduled before Trinidad 2014 we are still planning for greatness.

It’s time to make a road map to get your body where you want it for next year. Some of you may be saying “it’s a year in advance, who starts from this early”. Well the hoard of people who have already booked out the Hilton and several other hotels my team tried to book for carnival 2014 this week may disagree. If you want to be better, do what others won’t!

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Educate yourself

I will, during the course of the year do my best to guide you and show you the way that I do things, but my way is not the best way for everyone. Some guys are born with big muscles and need to focus on fat loss. Some ladies are born thin and need to bulk up to fill out the bikini.
Take the time to educate yourself on what you need to do to meet your fitness goal. Sites like, or the advice of an experienced personal trainer can help.


My Plan

As for me, I will spend the first part of the new year (cause mentally my calendar starts on ash Wednesday, literally) focused on growth.
That means the diet is done! Eat more, eat often, sleep more!
This does not mean eat pizza for breakfast! Eat healthy, but just ensure the amount you take in is above your needs slightly.
My work out will focus on relatively heavy and intense workouts for the next several months. I will also keep up with my HIIT as a bit of endurance helps with finishing your workouts.

With this plan I should still be in form for Jamaica carnival and should be seeing real results by Cropover.

After Cropover

After Cropover, the plan will slowly start shifting to more HIIT and workouts with more reps to slowly start beating the body fat off.

This will be the first time I will use a personal trainer for an entire year. I am expecting great things, even from my aging body given the results I got after 3 months this year!

I have my plan…make yours. Make 2014 be the year you star the show!


Fitness..the difference between being the subject vs the background of carnival photos

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