Lose weight for trinidad carnival 2013….get cut and ripped!

Its just about 100 days to go till Trinidad carnival.  My physical preparation is going well with a few slight changes already noticable after only 2 weeks with a personal trainer.  If all goes well I should easily pack on the 5lbs of muscle I want before carnival.

This post is all about something else though.  Being big and muscular means very little if its all covered over in fat.  Just like in Mr. Olympia the goal is to reveal your muscles to the observant judges who in our case will be onlookers on the road. To accomplish this you will want to have a low bodyfat to match your physique.   This means more than just diet though…you have to take a wholistic approach.

Currently I am doing my best to keep from being hungry at any time in an attempt to keep my body in anabolism mode (building new muscle).  To this end I’m eating 5 to 6 meals a day with lots of protein and relatively healthy, low fat carbs.  This, in conjuction with my personal trainer kicking my damn ass on a regular basis, should reap some bulk.

The second week in December will be the start of my cutting phase.    I recommend a minimum of one month to cut if you are already in decent shape,  and even more if you have some extra pounds.

The overriding principal is and will ALWAYS BE…. Calories in – calories burned = calorie surplus or deficit.  You will need to maintain a mild long term calorie deficit as well as lift weight in order to lose fat without losing all your hard earned muscle.


My plan this year is to keep my 6 meal a day schedule and simply clean it up.  Eliminate ALL fat!  On top of this I will keep at the weights but simply replace the last half hour with High Intensity Interval Training cardio.  My HIIT of choice is sprints at Mountain Springs (a steep ass hill in my area).

In this way I will midly decrease the calories coming in while increasing the calories burned.

Keep an eye on the blog for tips and ideas on how to do this as well as picks for the best weight loss supplements  from Pro fitness model Elleboogie!

Thanks to Kai Greene for the great photos.

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