Keeping focus and motivation for your carnival workout

Eventually EVERYONE loses the workout vibe.  Even the veterans among us.  While the veterans will eventually jump back on the bandwagon the gym/exercise newbie may fall off the wagon completely and regress to their old ways and habits long term.

Well carnival is “only” seven months away and with band launch season almost over and lots of distractions (olympics), it’s easy lose your way.

What can you do to keep the gym vibe going.  Better yet, to turn up the heat on your workout to get the body you want….No, that you DESERVE for carnival!

Get a motivated workout partner.

Getting a workout partner with similar goals and a better work ethic will always keep you focussed.  Its always easy to dodge out on the gym when you work out by yourself.  If you know there is someone else depending on you to help them with their workout it will often give you that extra push to get out of bed early or tough out traffic to make the gym.  Having a partner also helps when you are in the gym.  They will help to motivate you to finish your workouts and do work harder during your workouts.  The secret is to find a partner that is MOTIVATED and to motivate each other!

Competition is the spice of life.

Even if your schedule does not allow you to work out with the partner you have chosen you can still use each other for motivation.  Keep track of each others progress.  Challenge each other to achieve goals.

Dont be afraid to bask in your achievements.

Seeing your results unfold in your mirror is often the best way to keep yourself motivated.  Once you see that exercise can actually get you the body you want you will become DEPENDENT on it and missing a day in the gym will result in a case of unbridled guilt.

Shake things up occasionally

Doing the same things over and over will eventually bore you to death.  On top of that your body will eventually get used to the exercise and only a herculean effort will get you any gains.  Ask trainers for new and varied exercises to work different parts of your body and different ways to get your cardio and High intensity interval training fix.

Whatever you do don’t stop training, don’t stop pushing yourself.  You WILL thank me come carnival Monday and Tuesday!

Thanks to blackfitnessblog for the great photos!


2 thoughts on “Keeping focus and motivation for your carnival workout

  • August 10, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    missed 3 weekes of the gym due to biz obligations and now I am fighting hard to get the work out mojo back. BUT I haven’t completely given up the healthy body dream!

  • August 11, 2012 at 1:33 am

    It’s not easy Camille…very few good things in life are:) KEEP WORKING!

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