Haven’t started training for carnival yet guy’s? Here is your motivation!

Although I am further ahead in my physical preparation for carnival than this time last year, I know that many of you are simply reading my fitness tips and have not started yet.  Many people have gotten used to their appearance and the inertia is too great to allow themselves the opportunity to change.

Some of you will be able to push yourselves to start using a focal point for your motivation.  For women, that often comes down to wanting to fit into some pretty little dress (or skimpy costume),  trying to fit into the anorexic mold advertising campaigns set out for women, or keeping the interest of a particular fellow piqued.
Thats women…..Guys are a totally different story.  They often need totally different sources of motivation.  Often, nothing works…but let me try.

Guy’s….if you do not work out you will become….




I sense I have suddenly gained the attention of ALL the men reading this article.    (Ok..OK…you can stop doing push ups and continue reading)

Yes, impotence starts becoming more common after 40, especially in those who refuse to partake in some sort of physical exercise.  This can be caused by decreased blood flow due to clogged arteries or decreasing cardiac performance.  Also, with a sagging waistline (no pun intended) comes decreased self esteem (we all know how much women love that attribute).

Many men also assume they are AMAZING when it comes to their raw sexual power no matter what.  Let me tell you right now, if you are not hitting the gym and getting fit with HIIT or some other form of cardio you are missing out.  You should not be getting cramps, pulling muscles or blowing short (all before even breaking a good sweat).  According to http://contosoinsider.com/ “Indeed, rates of overall sexual satisfaction for sedentary young men was almost half that for exercisers according to a study in the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.”  “What is noteworthy, however, is that regular exercise appears to protection against erectile dysfunction, even if it does not lead to weight loss.  These protective effects can be seen in older men, where rates of difficulties are higher, but can also be found for young men.  For example, in a study of men under age 40, regular exercise was linked to better erectile functioning.”

So, fellas,  I know this one hits below the belt, but its for your own good.  Get off your butts and get in the gym and start your high intensity interval training.  Your lady friends will thank you for it and you will be in the best shape you can be for carnival come February!  (If this motivational speech didn’t work….you are doomed!)

If you are in Jamaica you can come to Mountain Springs at 5:45am and join the ever expanding crew getting their HIIT on in the morning.

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Don’t become impotent…train for carnival!

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