Getting a personal trainer for your 2013 carnival workout!

I have recently found new motivation in my “build a better carnival body” quest from the runner up of Mr. Olympia, Kai Greene.  After seeing his impressive physique I came across some videos showing exactly how hard he works and the mindset he needed to have to succeed.  See Overkill (1 hour), Redemption (6 parts) and a day in the life of Kai green.

The speech at the start of redemption was particularly inspiring.  It destroys the stereotype most have of these ripped mountains of muscle and you will find more motivational videos by him in the youtube suggested viewing.

He has inspired me to improve not only my physique but also all other aspects of my life as well.  As such, I hope you will start to see an improvement in my blogging as well.

So, I decided to pull the trigger, spend the money, and get a personal trainer to get me over the decade long plateau I have been wallowing in at the gym.  I have no delusions of looking anything like Kai Greene but I MUST get to my goal of a better body for carnival and beyond!

 Why get a personal trainer?

  • Motivation:  This is the most important point.  Many of us stop when things get hard.  Trainers push you past these points to new ground.  They help you break through plateaus.  Also, being accountable to your trainer and all the money you spend on them makes for wonderful motivation to not miss the gym cause you feel lazy etc.
  • Efficiency:  A good personal trainer will cut the useless exercises and get you to your goal faster with more effective routines.
  •  Technique:  Having the right technique can mean the difference between a killer physique and a torn muscle.  Trainers will keep your form on point!


After paying over my money my trainer and I started with legs!  Lets say the workout has opened my eyes (and Blown up my legs).


Here is a sample of how leg press went.

After warm up with several sets of leg extension (which wasn’t that easy), a moderate weight was put on the leg press machine.  I would usually get 8 reps easy!

Trainer: “ok we are going to do 20. Slow and steady”

Me: (Brimming with confidence) “no problem.”  (starts set –perfect form)

A bit later….

Trainer: “how many is that?”

Me:  “5!”(perfect form, even breaths, it’s burning a little.)

Trainer: “keep it going…keep that form doc!”

Me: “grunt!” (Legs trembling a bit…breathing harder)

Trainer: “how many is that doc?”

Me: “10!”  (Shouted like an Olympic athlete crossing the finishing line….feeling of triumph welling up within me….what a great pump!)

Trainer:  “stop the foolishness! 10 more!”

Me: (furrows brow! Feeling of determination….must….achieve….goal! Keeps going)

Trainer: 5 more…

Me: Herculean roar!  Every sinew straining…looking in mirror for justification…body spent! Pushes one more out….VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

Trainer: “4 more” ( in his most NOT impressed voice)

Me:(Starts another rep. Mentally, a broken shell of my former self. Starts planning disability leave. Trying to keep the grunts Herculean…but they getting higher pitched. Breathing ragged and fast!)

Trainer: “3 more!” (FINALLY starts to help me)

Fitness fanatic girl working out on machine next to us: “Stop your wining and push the weight…and breathe..BREATHE”

Me: (Testosterone fueled rage at being called a wimp by a girl. Power levels spike! Kinda like He-Man getting the power, can almost see the lightning.) “Roaaaaar!”

Trainer: “aarrrggghhhh”

Me: “Shreik!” (must….not…..shit…..pants! He-Man power exhausted, screaming like a little girl)

Fitness girl:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Trainer: (muscles bulging from lifting half the weight!) “Ok ok.  Last one!!”

Me: “high pitched whimper” (roughly translated: “dear sir, do you not see my plight, I’m physically and mentally spent. Could we possibly forego the last rep and try again later?”. Brain tells legs to start pushing again—nothing happening)

Trainer: “Ok. That’s It. Good set.   3 more to go!”

Lets say I had respect for pro bodybuilders before, but now I absolutely fear them.  How can someone do workouts like that day in and day out?…Madness!  But they have a goal and they do what they gotta do… and I will do the same to achieve my goals as well.  Will you?


By deciding…half the battle is already won!

Thanks to Kai Greene, Flexonline and Kansaspedia for the great images.

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