Get in shape for Cropover 2015

It’s just about 2 months to go till cropover in Barbados.
For the veterans among us it’s time to #getrippedordietrying and for newbies it’s time to pay your dues!

Unlike Trinidad and to a lesser extent Jamaica, Barbados is full of gym fanatics. They have a higher percentage of big thick men and fit chicks than other islands.  It means that it’s even more important to bring your A game. Not only to try to keep up with the Jones’s but also to hit the road with the self confidence needed to have the best possible time.

First let me say that if it’s possible, hire a personal trainer to help in your plan. Let them know your goals and time limitations and let THEM put a plan together for you. When they tell you what’s needed, do not complain do not make excuses…..obey!theybwill be your motivation and will give, in most cases the best results.

If that’s not an option I can give some advice to help you on your way.


First,  a few general principles.

Fitness is not easy. The results can’t be faked. You can’t keep the results without continuous work. The amount of work per given result  increases as you age.
These things make the body you achieve through your hard work a badge of honour. Be proud of it.

If you are starting from the bottom there is good and bad news.  Bad news: when you first start, it’s gonna be hell! Your body will scream “what the F*@k are you doing! Get back on the couch!”
Your brain will be the only hope you have to keep going.
The good news is that if you stick it out even a few weeks you will see the biggest changes and improvements. Veterans are always fighting plateaus. Newbies make real and rapid changes.


What should you do?
This part is up to you. The secret is to find something that you enjoy to some extent that burns calories but that contains a degree of difficulty.  It could be swimming, jogging, badminton, crossfit or my personal favourite, weights.  Sometimes a combination gets even better results.
The secret is to do the activity with focus and intensity and critically try to make aerobic activities like jogging and swimming last at least 45 min to get through your glucose reserves (up to the first 20 min of activity) and get to the fat burning zone.
A novice should always start at an easy pace the first week as one really bad day of muscle soreness is likely enough to knock you back onto the couch.
It’s important to push yourself thereafter to get the results you want. Some Discomfort is needed to get your results!

Remember as well you MUST eat CLEAN for this exercise to show. . Not starve…. Eat clean.



For some of us we have found our fitness niche. We are veterans at the activity we use but want to get past the plateau to that next level.
Same thing applies.  Best results come from getting an experienced personal trainer to make a program for you that you obediently follow with their help.
I have personally found this helpful to break you free of mental limitations you place on yourself. For example you may often do your weights and reps up to a certain number.  Say 8 for example. After a while that number becomes a mental barrier that holds you back

Next thing to try as a veteran is to double up.
Push yourself to try a different workout/activity in the evening or morning. Eg cardio and weights.
This may be hard at first but may be the thing you need to break that barrier.  It’s important not to overtrain when doing this. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.
As a veteran you have the advantage of experience and knowing what it takes to get your results and also the experience of knowing that effort does bring results.
It’s just up to you to push yourself to the next level knowing with confidence that the body you are working for WILL be your reward!


Is your body ready?