Fitness tips. Time under tension


Hello again.

Its time for another fitness tip.  This one is for all of you (men AND women) looking to put on a bit of muscle for a better body.  Ladies, I cannot overstate the fact that, NO, you will not get all thick and veiny…if you put on a bit of muscle you will look more athletic, burn more calories in a resting state, and be less “jiggly” as muscle stays put.   I like to say that you can pay for this seasons biggest costume  etc but a super body is always in style no matter what the costume looks like:)

So if you want to put on a couple pounds of muscle, you should first get instruction from a trainer on proper technique, develop a proper routine with that trainer, then apply the concepts of TIME UNDER TENSION.   Even if you are a veteran in the gym….I promise you that if you weren’t doing this before it will change your life.  I had plateaued  for years till I tried this.  For best results try 40 seconds under tension (I find it impossible to go longer than that without super light weight)

This stuff works wonders.  Take a look at these 2 videos explaining how it works.

thanks to for the images used.


Give it a try.  Tell me how it worked for you:)



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