Equip yourself for success in the gym

Time waits for no man. The lehwego team has paid for and secured accommodation, plane fare, and transportation for Trinidad carnival 2014. We are well on our way and already have tickets for 2 events!
The fitness aspect of the season cannot be neglected however. This coming year I expect to be in the best shape of my life (saucy…hotties over 40!..ah coming!) and I will need to do things a bit differently to achieve that.
I already have a trainer.
I am buying a protein supplement
I’m trying to get enough sleep….

In the gym I’m equipping myself in ways that allow me to get the most out of my workout time.


Wrist Straps

Squat Neck cushion

These 3 things are essential in my opinion.

Gloves.  The fact is that no matter how tough and calloused your hands are they will be the weakest link during your lifting sessions. Gloves help to protect your hands and decrease callous formation.

Straps are just as important. While you may be able to do that 300 lb dead lift your forearms will often be the reason you stop because you simply cannot hold on.  Straps hold the weight securely to your wrist and prevent them from rolling down your palm as you wrap the strap around the weight in the opposite direction

The neck pad (also called a pussy pad by those with big traps) is an essential piece of equipment for me at least. This protects my traps and spine from the pressure of the bar when doing squats.
Without this I wouldn’t be doing half as much weight because of the discomfort the bar by itself causes.

Weightlifting belts.

There is a lot of controversy with these belts, but my personal opinion is first get a strong lower back.  Deadlifts are your friend when done correctly.  Once the lower back is strong you can use the belt as a way of feeling more secure when you lift heavy.  The belt actually helps stiffen your torso so it is a more stable base for your lifting activities.  It’s ability to protect the spine likely stems from the increased rigidity and decreased movements of the torso.   The belt will not allow you to magically lift weights you normally can’t…you have been warned!

In the end though, no contraption in the world will come close to making up for hard work and determination.  You have to make it happen and if a squat pad is what it takes, then do it.


After all…..Carnival is coming!

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