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From the first time I saw this woman on the road in Tribe I was flabbergasted, the woman was a stallion.  I soon came to realize that I was not the only one who was impressed, and that she had a legion of “fans” on facebook (and likely in “real life” as well).  I recently came across a facebook page with this young woman’s face on it and took the time to read about her exploits.  Though this may not exactly fit with carnival from a man’s point of view I had to find some way to post her photos on my blog AGAIN!  I’m sure no man will complain.  For the ladies reading, take a look at her facebook page and blog.  She has useful advice on your path to a better mind, spirit and especially body!

Here are a few questions for Heather “healthguru” Gunn.


1. Who is Heather Gunn? Tell us about yourself 

When I was a kid I wanted to be Big Bird. Do I need to say more?

I love living. There is a strong internal desire for me to have a lot of fun in this lifetime, laugh everyday and do as many high-energy activities as possible. I have an acute affinity for positive, successful, happy people.

I have a fascination with socks. I think it’s because I never had many of them as a child. The first thing I’ll do when I strike it big is to buy enough socks to fill several drawers. The only contradiction in this situation is that in my adult life I’m totally against wearing them. I’m pretty laid back – shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops.

I am completely averse to giving in to fears. If I have any type of angst I’m immediately compelled to face it. I’d like to say that I’m fearless but instead it’s still a work in progress for me. I’d prefer the titles adventurous and audacious.

It’s really difficult for me to talk about myself. So I’m struggling right now trying to find words to share with you. I grew up in Washington DC and studied classical ballet and acting for years. I’ve always loved stage work; it runs in my blood. My favorite hobbies are shopping, hitting the beach, watching the cartoon South Park and photography.

Three of my personal truths:
1. Eat dessert first because you never know when you’ll die
2. Smile often – it keeps you young
3. Don’t entertain regrets. Life is what it is and there’s much more to experience than past thoughts.


2. What inspired you to start your blog?

I saw a need for women to embrace who they genuinely are instead of being twisted and morphed into these pretentious, unrealistic beliefs that society deems appropriate. We have to change and recreate our personal thoughts on beauty and health. We are a strong, powerful and resilient species. In this era it has become seemingly impossible to eat healthy, live a clean life and be strong and beautiful in our own birthright. No longer are we seen as whole in every way, but society has broken us down into a species that is flawed and imperfect. I believe that every woman is beautiful and perfect as they are regardless of their age, color, religious, cultural, or political beliefs. I celebrate this by providing ample information on natural health products, foods, exercise and lifestyles. I saw a specific need to support the overall health of the body and provide preventative suggestions instead of treating disease and pathology. My approach can enhance any person’s total life experience. It’s all about living the best life on earth while you have it.


3. Is this page only aimed at mamas who are already hot? Is it only aimed at mothers?

My company is specifically geared toward all women that have interest in improving their health and well-being. This includes all women regardless of weight, shape or size. All women are “hot”; all are beautiful, strong, tenacious and intelligent. I like the quote by Confucius, “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomenon that we as women experience. I see a need to support this process from all aspects. For example, we are not informed with how to prepare for pregnancy. Preparations can include getting the skin (our largest organ) ready to become more resilient as it stretches and returns to pre-pregnancy weight. It can also include supporting natural childbirth and re-empowering women with their innate natural ability, dispelling fears that the medical industry has conveniently placed in our psyche regarding the process. Enhancing personal nutrition so the baby does not take away everything we have stored up, and supporting natural metabolic processes to ensure that weight gain is within a healthy range returns to normal parameters at then end of the process. We have specific nutrition, herb protocols, and exercises to support the overall well being of a woman pre and post pregnancy.

4.Are you certified/accredited?

I hold a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. I also work in partnership with my husband who is a personal trainer and Post-Rehabilitation specialist to create fitness formulas that work for each person’s individual need. Together we have a program that not only re-shapes your body but also revolutionizes your entire being.


5.Is your focus only exercise or is there more?

We offer a variety of services. Movement is key and a very strong element in the health and longevity of the body. Additional contributing factors are state of mind, nutrition, spiritual awareness, sleep and lifestyle. In order to achieve total body balance, each of these inputs are taken into consideration when creating your personalized plan. Our services can include nutritional consultations, Energy work, Bioenergy balancing and Light Therapy.

6. What is your advice for mothers who feel that they have past their prime and there is no hope?

I’m a believer in each one of us having the ability to create exactly what we want in our life. Wealth, health and happiness can literally be at your fingertips. Regardless of age, weight, shape or culture you are divinely given an autonomous right to your own desires. These desires begin to manifest when you pinpoint them, focus on them and block out the external noise. When you learn to identify the small negative inputs in your daily regime you can handle them more efficiently so that they don’t affect your daily progress. We are constantly battling with hidden sugars in foods, hormones, toxins, bombardment of negative social pressures, media and lifestyle. You have to educate yourself by reading and researching, build the your mental fortress by meditating and choosing which information on TV, social media and radio will infiltrate your mind and create positive circles of friends and support systems.

As a mom of three, blessedly nearing her forties I can attest to the fact that making revolutionary mental and physical changes can be done. What you so think shall be what you become. The mind is a powerful thing. The mind-body connection is a fascinating field in science that speaks to this truth. Your mind is a major force in dictating the outcome of your health, your happiness, life circumstance and well being. I’m not saying it is the only thing, but simply pay attention to circumstance around you and within you to realize what past and current thought processes have you arriving at your current position. If you think you can achieve something and if you think you can’t they are both are right. Decide where you stand and begin the journey toward your own inner wisdom.


take a look at her facebook page here


You can do it,  you must do it!

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