The Wadadli Files: The “Stage” 2013 Review

My first fete for this years Carnival Season turned out to be the freshman fete STAGE. This show was put on by a new promotions team called Lava Entertainment and I must say for their first attempt they did a DAMN good job. The show was jam-packed with local talent  such as Richardo Dru, CP, Burning Flames and Tian Winter with the headline act  being the one and only Machel Montano HD. But wait there’s more….. not only did you get  a full line up of local acts, Machel, Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy but those in attendance also had the opportunity to win a 2013 Kia Picanto. Now where else in the region you gonna go to a fete, work up ya waist line and drive home in a new car??? I’ll give you a second to ponder that while I continue with this post.

The crew and I decided that we didn’t want to risk paying the price that went along with VIP  this time around so we did General admission (we don’t go out to pose we go out to done the place! lol)  We arrived at the venue, The Yasco Sports Complex, around 10:30pm to a winding line of people trying to get in.  Now there is nothing that turns me off more than a long ass admissions line but truth be told after joining said line we were inside the venue in 5-7 minutes which was pretty good considering the numbers.

Once inside I were quite impressed with what had been done with the venue.  The space was VERY well utilized , the Stage could be seen from all areas of the venue, there were ample bars in each corner of the fete,  a strategic drinks chit distribution area, a food court and a CLEAN bathroom area. At no point in time during this fete did I feel like MY space was being violated. Based on reports the VIP area was well worth the money spent. Premium drinks, unlimited food and a swanky lounge area set up under and   8000 sq ft tent. Anyway enough about esthetics lets move on to the AXXION!!!!

As expected ALL the local acts held their own while on stage, each performing a mix of old and new soca tracks for the season. They did an excellent job of putting everyone in the mood and patrons could be heard screaming LOCAAAALLLLLLL during each performance while they geared up for the bacchanal and “sweet misbehaving” that would soon ensue. My only gripe was the music in between each band change, now don’t get me wrong I love ALL genres of music but when I’m at a pre-carnival fete ALL I want to hear is SOCAAAAAA both LOCALLLLLL and regional.  No hip hop, no reggae, no R&B, just soca. I wish these dj’s shared my views Sigh :/

At 1:30am the man of the hour arrived on stage and only one word can describe his performance……EPIC!!! Now I have seen Machel perform already for the year, however there is nothing like seeing him perform on your home turf and watching the crowd go into a trance as he keeps them mesmerized with his songs, moves and dancers. We took advantage of de stage, we fogged up de stage we floated on the stage , geez the Witch Doctor almost had to call Zumunda for me and my girl Wadadlibee. Honestly I am never disappointed with Mr. Montano as he gives his all during each performance. Based on the crowd response I don’t think they were disappointed either.

However as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. The crew and I chipped out  of Yasco,  (no I didn’t win the car, sad face) at 5:30am with the pulsating rhythms of the legendary Burning Flames playing in the background.

Stage We came, We left, We Fogged up the place. That is All.

All photos in this post courtesy Lava Entertainment. More pictures can be seen here!/media/set/?set=a.301354603334178.1073741836.281845568618415&type=3

and here




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