Settlers’ Zumba Carnival Sushi Sundown 2 – Review

Excuse Me But…What???



Yes I know, that is a pretty expansive name for an event. I can tell you, direct from the young people behind “Settlers: The West Coast Experience”, that they generally do things a bit out-of-the-box and different.

This “Sushi Sundown” was the 4th and final Sunday instalment in the series. They’re called Sushi Sundowns because Sushi is the featured appetizer of the night, served up by gourmet chef Scott Ames. Burgers and hot dogs were also on sale, as well as drinks from a fully stocked premium bar. It’s  more a social liming spot than an all-out party, but some Sushi Sundowns can be a little wilder than others!

The very first Sushi Sundown featured a Zumba class led by the famous Zumbunnies, catering to all those women who want to keep fit and trim so they can look good in their costume (while having fun and releasing a few inhibitions in the process). The 2nd and 3rd Sushi Sundowns respectively featured a fashion show (WERK Sushi Sundown) which was a very intimate affair and a “wuk-up” fitness class (Colourblocking Wuk-up Sushi Sundown) which was more like a block party than a lime. However, the first Zumba Carnival Sushi Sundown was apparently so well-received that the management of Settlers decided to bring it back for a second time and once again, it was a hit.

The participants got hot and sweaty while moving to the choreography of the Zumbunnies on stage. If it is one thing that will catch and maintain my attention, it is women getting hot and sweaty while gyrating in tights. After the session, patrons talked and socialised and danced in parts, while some took the opportunity to register last minute for the Carnival on 14th April 2012.

Personally, my favourite Sushi Sundown was the 3rd one, with the wuk-up fitness class – the organisers had to cut the music and literally beg people to go home…the vibes were that nice! They have set the tone nicely for their upcoming Carnival and if it’s one thing you can say about the Settlers crew, it’s that they know how to party. Can’t wait! 🙂 I’ll be bringing you all the updates from Settlers: The West Coast Experience as it happens!

Check out a few photos from the event!


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