Mimosa Barbados review 

Friday morning we caught a ride with our trusty driver and made our way out to MIMOSA

The venue was excellent, reminding me of some of the lush green venues back home in rural Jamaica.

The first stop was breakfast.

This was the ONE issue I had with this fete.  The food was good, but it took Waaaay too long to get through. This is definitely an area with room for improvement for next year.

Once we eventually got some food we started drinking some of the premium liquor and taking in the vibes.


This fete had no shortage of beautiful people and mixed with the fantastic venue and great mixing by the DJs we were soon neck deep in wukkups.

The conclusion

By the end if the party I was literally exhausted and went home to catch a few hours sleep with a smile on my face.

We will be there to see for ourselves next year for sure!