Miami Carnival 2015

Miami carnival takes place in a large fairground outside of downtown miami.  To the caribbean masquerader it sounds unusual to not have mas on a public road but I take my hats off to the organisers as they did put together a fun experience.  The parade takes place on a road within the fairground and to the average masquerader it feels just like any other carnival.  It was similar to Cropover with no lunch stop although many bands have food distribution on the road during the parade.  One criticism I have was the entrance to the stage area near the end of the parade.  There was a severe bottleneck that all masqueraders were forced through and which I thought could have been managed better.  Apart from that, it was Carnival as usual, always a great time!

As a newbie I didn’t know all the bands taking part in the parade and I’m pretty sure I missed out on some of the bigger bands at the front of the parade this year.
I still did my best to capture as much as I could and hope you enjoyed the photos and video.

Making it to 4 carnivals is not for the weak of heart (or pocket).  However when the time comes again next year I think I can use the knowledge gained from this year to make this trip even better. Take a look at what  we saw that day.