KRAVE the Band, kadooment day 2014

We had taken a small risk with out kadooment experience by going with a relatively new band called Krave.  They had previously been a vip section in another band and this was their first outing on their own.
I had looked over their proposed offerings and liked what they where about and their costumes were pretty good as well so we pulled the trigger.


Kadooment day came and we met the Band by the national stadium starting point.  It was a medium sized  band so it was relatively easy to get servings of the food they had for breakfast.
We saw the makeup station in heavy use at the starting point as ladies got their faces in order and the crowd started to gather.

DSC05371Krave was the 6th or so band to enter the stadium so we didn’t get moving till after 11am. But once we did the vibes started to flow.


There was only 1 drinks truck which made getting drinks a pain at times but they didn’t run out of drinks and to their credit the staff was super quick and efficient given the writhing throng of revellers besieging the drinks truck.

The Band had its fair share of Carnival “big wigs” with Carolyn Gomez and Sibongile both making their respective marks in their own ways.
They also had an impressive VIP air conditioned truck.
I hear they had chefs and other amenities on there but unfortunately security was super tight and when I told him I was media he looked at me like “yeah right”.
From outside it did look comfortable though.


The vibes were the highpoint of the Band for me.  It was good all day. It was easy to get good pics with all the smiling faces.  The djs did a good job including Jamaica’s own Richie Ras but I would have liked to have heard more 2014 hits rather than a mix.


By the end of the day we had a blast and would definitely recommend Krave the Band for next year.  I’m sure the momentum gained this year will lead to an even better Road experience next year as they iron out their kinks and take steps to improve.
A special shout out has to goto Latoya Daniel from Krave who helped to make sure our experience was smooth despite also having a mountain of work to do to help get the Band on its feet the last few months.

Take a look at photos HERE and HERE and a video of the days events

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