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Jamaica Carnival is behind us and Antigua Carnival is right around the corner. The 2014 Carnival feting season has kicked into gear with the first fete of the season : Pure- The All White All inclusive Day Fete

pure white

The All Day All Inclusive event took place Easter Sunday from 2pm to 12 am at the Blue Waters Beach Front in Antigua. The view was spectacular and the gentle ocean breezes kept you cool through out the event. The headline acts were Blaxx from Trinidad, DJ Outcast from St. Marten, Dj Delano from Renaissance sound Jamaica and our very own Tian Winter.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about if I wanted to attend and whether I wanted to fork out the extra money for VIP (100us) or just stick to general (60US). There was also the option of VVIP ($150US) which included, reserved parking, a private suite which holds a party of 8, and personal waitress service. Eventually I decided to go BIG or stay home and forked over the money for VIP, I was not disappointed.

The Pure


The venue was well thought out and the space well utilized and decorated.

If you know me you know that I am semi-claustrophobic, at no time did I feel like I didn’t have space to roam, palance or bruk wheyyyyyy. There were numerous bars and three food stations, (Chinese, local and a grilling station) so no bottlenecking.

The only thing I would have changed was the lighting in the bathroom area as the visibility was poor when it got dark.


The bar was POPPING and UNSINKABLE with nothing but premium drinks flowing

pure white1

Massage Area

patron of VIP / VVIP Area had access to masseuse services compliments the Galley Bay 5 star resort and spa. This is the first fete in Antigua to provide such a service. Impressive!



While the headline acts held the party down I must make special mention of our very own Tian Winter who really got the party jumping and the ladies to get on wotless. Top rate performance as always.

VIBES- “Plenty action in the session, plenty rum to ease the tension, 20 man 100 woman on yes the VIBES cant Done “ I could have misquoted Machel I aint the best at lyrics but you get the idea. The party had VIBES!!!


The Un Pure

Stage Placement – VIP patrons had to leave VIP to go to the general area to view the performances, no bueno, this was also an issue last year. The stage should be strategically placed so that both general and VIP have access to the front of the stage.

Blaxx – Blaxx I love you, you sang your heart out while engaging the audience, however your performance fell flat on the night of the event, I do not blame Blaxx for this I blame the promoters for not sensitizing the audience to your songs.

Promoters you had 4 pre-fetes prior to the event, to me this was the perfect opportunity for you to push the headline acts music so that patrons would be more familiar with his songs. Just my opinion.

This is the sophomore year for PURE , they have certainly raised the fete standards in Antigua, I can easily see this becoming a staple fete on the Antigua Pre-Carnival Fete list.

For pics from the event check out the albums




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