Where to Party for Crop Over 2012?

That’s a good question and one which depends a lot on what you’re looking to get out of the experience of partying in Barbados during the Crop Over season.

Just this week past was the C’est La Vie Ultra-Premium All-Inclusive Weekend (consisting of a day-evening all-inclusive at Lion Castle Resort and a cruise the following day). Though I didn’t attend, by all reports patrons had a blast. June is a lean month for me; however, July will be my time to let loose.

Over the course of the next few weeks all the way up until Crop Over, there will be hardly any nightspot on the island that won’t be hosting some form of lime or fete of the other. Unlike Trinidad, Barbados has not yet gone mega-fete, all-inclusive crazy. But it does have a number of events which, over the years, have become staples on any Crop Over wayfarer’s calendar. In my opinion, you can be guaranteed that all of the very best events will take place in the 2 weeks immediately preceding Kadooment Day.

All events can generally be categorised as: 1) All-Inclusives; 2)  Fetes; 3) Concerts  4) Limes; 5) Cruises.

I generally avoid Concerts, which are defined by the fact that the major focus of the event is live performances. I simply find the vybe is a lot better when non-stop DJ music provides the background to the bacchanal. Nevertheless, you can expect that both Soca-On-De Hill (22nd July 2012) and Soca Titans (31st July 2012) will be well-attended.

You can also check out any of the various band fetes (Baje, Power X 4) and limes/fetes (Brewster’s Road Crew, Contact Pork Lime on Fridays). And of course, there is Foreday Morning, our version of Jouvert which takes place the Saturday morning of Crop Over weekend. I’ll be jumping with Island Fusion.

As for my proposed fete list?

Well, let’s say you here for the week leading up to Crop Over:

Thursday – Frazzled the night

Friday – Roast Cruise the afternoon

Saturday – Island Fusion Foreday Morning; Bliss All-Inclusive in the afternoon/evening; 10 to 10 at night (yeah, Saturday ain’t no joke)

Sunday – Limerz Cruise; Cohobblopot is a staple for most, but is iffy for me as it tends to be hit or miss in my opinion

And then of course it’s Grand Kadooment Day. Who are you jumping with? I’m jumping with Baje International.

The season is warming up nicely and honestly, it kinda feels like Crop Over is here already. Which may mean that you might see posts from me less frequently, but I’ll try my best to keep up. Come on down!



Thanks to Scorch for the cover art.

Which fetes will you be doing for cropover?

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