Where to stay and how to get around for Miami carnival

Miami Carnival is a totally new experience for me and it makes me feel like a total noob again.
Thankfully I can finally put my huge battery sucking whatsapp groups to work.
I have started to slowly compile the information needed to ensure a great time in miami.

First up


Good accommodation is always a plus for carnival.
In miami it’s unlikely you will find a real dump so the real issue is the location and cost.
At the low end is Airbnb. You can choose a room in someone’s property to crash in for your stay.  Some will be great, some not so much.  Choose wisely.
You can also try all the other sites like kayak and Expedia, trivago and all the others for good hotels.
The important part is location!
Do not get a room in Ft lauderdale or Orlando. Carnival is in Miami.
Try south Beach where many of the parties are(expensive). Relatively close surrounding areas like miramar are also options.



Car rental is pretty cheap with cars from 10usd a day although I would strongly recommend getting a car from a reputable agency with insurance.
Taxis are also an option with UBER available in miami.

If you do opt to drive yourself it’s important to note that drinking and driving is taken super seriously and it takes a surprisingly small amount of Johnny walker or his friends to make you fail a breathalyser. From there it’s straight deportation back to whatever island you are from. Or an embarrassing stay in jail.

Also with a good cell phone and google maps or Waze you don’t need to worry much about finding your way

Sooooo, now you have no excuse.  Flights from Jamaica are under 300usd now! It can be done and at a reasonable price too! Buy your ticket and book your hotel. Of course many of you know someone in or about the area and can kotch on someone’s couch…. Like I will be doing.


Start Planning from NOW