Where to “Get” new 2014 soca!

It’s November!   Just over 100 days to go till carnival but the carnival vibes are slowly starting all the same.  The first few sprinkles of new music have started to drizzle down, the start of what will be a maelstrom of new soca come the traditional soca switch day of December 26th!

As the day of the soca switch approaches, I will share with you all the ways to keep up to date with the newest 2014 soca from now.


First and best is to keep listening to Trinidadian radio stations like Red967fm

For your mixes check out The mix feed. They have a regularly updated soca mix page.

For the bleeding edge of new music, we all know about Julians promos on Youtube.

Similar to Julians Promos is Jam2vibes

Also check out Islandmix.com

Other sites include Mylime.ca

With all these options you should be well equipped to keep yourself up to date with the new music!


Ready for some new Soca??


Thanks to boomshots.com and socanews.com for the images.

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