Practise looking your best for Trinidad carnival

It’s the  end of September and time is flying. I’m going to talk to you today about “polishing the diamond”.  Most people undergo an intense period of polishing of their carnival physique in the last few weeks and days before carnival.
I’m here to let you know that this is not the best way.  The best thing to do is start from now, slowly polishing it to a shine that cannot be matched by any rushed job

Hardwood floors

Having participated in my first physique competition this year I had the experience of removing all the hair from my body below the neck. This included my leg hair…. Etc.   Things like chest and back hair have gots ta go, it’s quite a strange feeling to be hairless, at first you feel decidedly metrosexual… but  you get used to in short order. Also, it looks quite nice, neat and smooth.

The main goal is to get used to the process of removing it,  to learn how to do it properly and efficiently.
First,  buy several bottles of Nair or other suitable depilatory.   Make sure to read the reviews and warnings about proper use on  your nether regions and then Slather up.   It’s important to put it on thick. A thin layer will only weaken the hair slightly. After 15 minutes hit the shower with a washrag or other suitable cloth to wipe the hair Away. Make sure it’s all wiped off. …. Or u will die!

Next stop… Pearly whites.
Having this blog has opened my eyes to the things that make someone that little bit more photogenic. One of the main things is white teeth.


I have spent hours editing photographs trying to make teeth whiter to make the picture look better. It seems trivial but it makes a difference on the fete and on the road. Remember…No one is trying to see your wonderful personality. Carnival is an orgy of flesh and lust at first sight. Make your first sight count.
So from now switch to a whitening toothpaste… Switch to an expensive electric toothbrush… And try a whitening mouthwash.
The sustained use of these plus the more drastic measures I will outline soon are certain to make your smile blindingly white come carnival.

Of course you must also be in the midst of an intense Workout regime. Lift weight (ladies too) and get fit. That means running. Aerobics. Squash. Ballet….. Something. As long as it’s truly challenging and difficult and u have to stick with it. More on that coming soon!


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