Make your cropover fete list now!

Its that time again!  By now you should have your flight booked and accommodation locked (move quick if you don’t).

It’s time to decide on your fetes.  

Cropover has a plethora of fetes rivalling the tonload found in Trinidad.  Bazodee and others have taken the time to compile these into informative graphics for all of us

I’m putting together my interactive calendar for the 4th year now. It’s by no means a comprehensive listing as you can see but more a list of the parties that I personally (in my opinion)think stand out as special.  Furthermore I have listed in green the fetes I have deemed worthy to attend myself.

I’m looking forward to a few events such as  Mimosa and Native jouvert.

We also are looking forward to our time on the road in Krave with the Xaymaca international section Agra.

To sign up to jump with us email [email protected]!


Its almost time…


What fetes are YOU going to?