LehWeGo to Miami

Crop Over has come and gone and it’s now time to look ahead to out next adventure. This year I once again have set my sights on miami carnival.  This will be my second outing and Im looking forward to making it better than ever before with new  fetes,  and a great time on the road.

Miami carnival has been around for a long time and has been a favorite destination for Jamaicans and others in the Caribbean looking for a foreign carnival fix.


It’s relatively close with multitudes of airlines offering reasonable fares. In fact it’s likely going to be cheaper to fly to miami than it will be to attend beach house 2017:)

Hotels are also abundant and reasonably priced.  Many of us may also have free places to stay with friends and family as the diaspora there is pretty big.

One spot where money must be spent is transport.  ‘merica is pretty big and will involve a lot of driving so get your Google maps lined up.


Lots of fetes 

Miami’ s fete scene is pretty good with lots of quality fetes that make you forget that you are not in the Caribbean. It’s important to note that a lot of the fetes are not drinks inclusive. An important point as I’m very used to drinks inclusive and travelling to fetes with almost no money.  If you want to drink u better be ready to go buy drinks tickets.

The road in Miami is unique. It’s in a large enclosed path but I don’t think that changes the vibes much. It was still a grand time last year with lots of options in terms of bands and price points. Look out for blog posts soon outlining these options.

Look out as well for helpful posts on good places to stay,  good times to fly in and out and make sure to keep an eye out for our fete list and recommendations! 



Bienvenido a Miami