Lehwego is jumping with “Krave the band” for Cropover 2014

see the costumes here.

This year lehwego again is striving to “Do the triple” by stretching the budget and limits of vacation leave to reach Barbados for Cropover again for 2014.
We here at lehwego consider ourselves seasoned veterans of carnival and over time have come to demand more and more of our carnival experience.  We want the best and  so we shopped around this year and came across KRAVE THE BAND.
After some careful consideration and consulting with our good friends at ROAST who also will be hosting a section we made our decision.

We made contact with Krave and they gave us an idea of what to look forward to!

“We have come to realize, the Barbadian audience craves a Crop Over experience that provides quality entertainment, superb customer service, beyond average but rather VIP treatment, elaborate costumes and value for their dollar.  As such, Krave the Band was conceptualized. It is a community-based Kadooment band utilizing entertainment-oriented marketing in an effort not only to withstand the perpetual shift in trends but to target an audience across a wide range in society.


Our VIP concept was first introduced for Crop Over 2013. We had a VIP section sponsored by Fireball Energy Drink called Reign of Fire, which was trendsetting & show stopping, inspiring all other bands to step the game up! As section owners we decided to go the extra mile and bring quality to the Crop Over experience like never seen before. We introduced to Barbados the FIRST EVER VIP lounge truck with personal chefs, exotic foods, premium drinks. These included, shrimp, chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, you name a quality product we seek to provide it!


It was a goal to satisfy that crave of something new, exciting and quality to the Barbados market. Upon reaching this goal for a SINGLE section, the inspiration came to create an ENTIRE band known for such quality experience. This year everything you can ” krave” will be brought to you, gorgeous costumes, amazing service, quality product, exceptional entertainment, a VIP CROP OVER!!! Our belief is in quality over quantity! We seek to keep our numbers small but our customers feeling like they are very important to us, adding the VIP vibe to the Crop Over experience.

Images from Krave’s section in 2013

What you can expect from Krave the Band is VIP service, VIP entertainment, VIP costumes and feeling like a “Very Important Person” as a customer of the Krave experience. The creative thought that goes into the costume production is not the only important factor but the quality of what you supply. Even our male costumes we seek to go beyond the norm and put more thought and creativity into that area. It is a norm that “men do not care about the costume” so they are provided with “whatever” but every customer is important to us and have equal value.

We seek to be unique, trendsetting and build a BRAND that is known for QUALITY rather than making shortcuts to attract the quantity.”


There you have it.   We will be bringing you all the info you need to help you join us for the cropover season.  Look out for fete recommendations and in a week or so images of what our costumes from Krave will look like.



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