Generation X Miami 


We are well on our way to another fantastic miami carnival.  The fetes are one aspect but arguably the most important element is the mas.

We are trying to step it up again this year by getting neck deep into a fantastic band.

So this year we are jumping with GENERATION X MAS BAND 


Generation X is composed of a synergistic collection of players from the promotion and mas worlds.  This team has successfully risen to the top of the mas arena in Miami and has brought many firsts to the Miami carnival scene and in fact to mas worldwide in some cases.

They also throw fetes and they are the first to hold j’Ouvert in Miami  with  GenXRedAntz J’ouvert (quite an achievement in itself) and, of course, run Generation X Mas Band.

This years presentation is called EROTICA and the costumes are built to match the risque theme.   Look out for plunging pantylines and sexy cuts on those costumes ladies.


Take a look at the costumes they have here 

And here is what’s left available for sale 

We are really looking forward to capturing them take the road by storm for Miami Carnival.  If I were you I would click the link above and come join us!