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BLISS: The Summer Edition 2014

Last year, after fourteen events in almost ten years, BLISS: The Summer Edition 2013 left us less than proud. We apologize for disappointing not only those in attendance but those who have faithfully flown the BLISS banner for years and years. We simply did not reach the standard of great vibes, food, drink, and ambience to which the BLISS family has grown accustomed. Over the years we have accepted the praise, so too do we have to accept the criticism, and use it to reassess, revamp, and recommit.

Now, one year on, we’re back in action. We have gone back to the drawing board, listened to your comments, and returned to the intimacy and qualities that have made our events successful in the past. This year we are coming with a new venue, new DJ lineup, and a new attitude. We have thrown our full backing behind our new and expanded culinary team to give them all they need to help us deliver the service that is expected.

This year, as BLISS celebrates the 40th anniversary of Crop Over, prepare for something exceptional. Prepare for BLISS: The Summer Edition 2014.

All of the relevant details are on the included flyer. The only way to submit your request is right HERE – remember, as usual, there is a limit of eight (8) tickets per request.

So that’s it. The Crop is here!

Talk soon,

Nigel, Anthony & Paul.

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