Beach House and Dragonfly mass

First of all I would like to publicly bad mind all those going to beach house while I’m here trapped in Jamaica:)  Nah, I love you guys.  Please take photos and give that last juke for Lehwego! Beach House has released a final teaser the day of their event that is sure to put a smile on the faces of all the guys watching (ladies, sorry!).  (If the video below did not load with the page please refresh)

I have also noted a flurry of activity over Dragonfly Mass (yes, Mass) costume revamp.

They have listened to the people and redone the costumes….now skimpier than ever before!  I’m sure Dragonfly Mass will be a sight to behold this year.  The revamped costumes have that barely there look and I am sure that  the eyecandy should be impressive.

Here is a small gallery of their new effort.  The red costume (Dawn) reminds me of Tribe as does Earth.  But hey, they look good, who cares!  As for the Male VIP in earth (blue), I think it would be best to lose the collar.  The Dawn VIP male looks pretty good.

Take a look!


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