Barbados, LehwegoSleek is coming with Xhosa!

Jamaica carnival has come and gone but the party not done.
For the last few years we have made the effort to #dothetriple. Trinidad, Jamaica then Barbados!
Cropover is always a great time. It is nicely timed just near the end of summer after we have had time to take a little break from months of soca.

Like Jamaica, Barbados has its own unique vibe and also has the added highlight of having its own unique music. It’s refreshing to hear totally new music to make new memories to!

This year LehwegoSleek will be deep in the mix of things as part of the Hottest new band for 2015, Xhosa international.

But first things first, we proudly present our section queen for Cropover, Yendi Phillips.

Yendi needs no introduction but for those few who don’t know, she is a former Miss Jamaica World, Miss Jamaica Universe, Professional model and Television personality

This new mas band is shaping up to be a powerhouse, with sections from Scorch, Rolly Rollocks, Punchy Punch and LehwegoSleek.

The launch was Friday May 1 at the idyllic Harrison’s Cave.


The sections are:

DEFIANCE – (LehwegoSleek)- Representing our refusal to surrender as a people and our undying perseverance in following our dreams and achieving our goal.

PRIDE ( RR) – representing the fierce dignity of Caribbean people


SPICE (Xhosa) representing the flavorful dishes and indigenous seasonings we are known for


SERENITY (XhosaCares)- representing our clear blue seas and white sand beaches that people travel from all corners of the world to visit, relax and rejuvenate

SURGE -(SCORCH Bim)- Representing our continual upward and forward movement as a people despite all the odds

VERVE ( Punchy Punch) – representing the energy and vitality of Caribbean people, our unique ability to always know how to enjoy ourselves, forget our worries and be the life of the party!


More information is coming soon on