Hello all.  Its been a while, so it’s time for some updates on what we have been doing and what is to come.

First…..I have finally gotten my own domain name “lehwego.com”  making it easier to find your way to the site and refer friends.  Don’t worry, the old address still works.

Second, Im serious about the video competition for carnival next year.  It will go something like this.

1.Make your video.  Make it an entertaining “music video” in some way about carnival.  Either the preparation, fetes, road…or all of the above.

2.Post it on vimeo, youtube etc.


.Tell me about it to enter it in the contest.

Users will vote and the winner will get a prize.  I already have commitments from Thecarnivalconnection and I am seeking more in terms of prizes.

Third, the Lehwego iphone and android app has been updated.  I have removed the fineahban tab which is now useless since they changed their web presence.  I have also added a message tab which allows app users to send me messages or photos.  Note: if your app crashes on startup after updating, simply delete it and re-install.

I will be making use of this feature allowing you to respond to questions or partake in contests soon.  Always remember to include your email address or other identifying handle as the messages come to me without ANY identifying information.

Thecarnivalconnection will have costumes and tickets available in the respective tabs.

Miami carnival is in the air and I have updated the app with several new mixes for your pleasure. Check in the soca tab under “more”


Please let me know, via the message tab, if I’m doing a good job and which areas I need to change or improve.  Am I sending too many notifications? Too few?  Remember to include a name and/or email address so I can respond.




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