Island People Launch

Island people has finally launched.  They have tried their best to do something “different” and “unique”.  To their credit they have put together a set of costumes that I doubt anyone will say looks like anything from last year (or any year).


I personally didn’t think alot of the colour combinations were good.  And people trust me…Lehwego is no fashion police…so if I say so you know there is a problem.

The costumes are adequately skimpy and bright to their credit.

The male costumes in my opinion were better than the other bands offerings so far EXCEPT for the overuse of short, neon spandex.   Now, I have been thinking of taking the spandex plunge…this launch has cured me of that.  I will find a nex way to fix myself up for carnival monday and tuesday.  If they used longer spandex or some other style of shorts…….Mi nuh know….someting!  Pay a designer!!

I think that I would be hesitant (gross understatement) to play in short pink spandex.  Maybe if they had some options for the pants. Some of the sections are wearable though.

Overall, while it was different, I don’t think it was for me.

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One thought on “Island People Launch

  • August 13, 2011 at 7:41 am

    what I saw tonight was obviously the work of a kindergaden group. IP needs to stop the ‘fren fren’ designer thing and take pride in their product. Did someone REALLY and TRULY approve these designers for the consumption by the general public? The only thing worse is if people support IP…which basically condones the nonsense because they had a SPECTACULAR theme which they could’ve run wild with…epicfail IP..epicfail

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